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Alo Driving School offers a Teenage Driving Course to help teenagers become responsible drivers. We offer hands-on courses to properly educate teenage drivers about road safety and responsibility. Our interactive course gives students the proper driver’s education which consists of both classroom and driving time. Our licensed instructors are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and competency to help teenagers understand the value and importance of road safety and traffic awareness.

Being behind the wheel should raise awareness on conscientious decision making, appropriate behavior, patience, and accountability. When the teenager understands the importance of these factors, then he or she will easily become a responsible driver.

We at Alo Driving School grasp the importance of responsive and competent driver’s education. Alo Driving School is more than ready and prepared to take on the task of coaching and training teenagers to become responsible drivers. Our Driving School firmly believe that risks, accidents, and dangers can be lessened or avoided altogether if future drivers comprehend the importance of road safety and traffic rules adherence.

If you want to help your teen become a responsible and safe driver, feel free to contact us and learn about our Teenage Driving Courses.


REMEMBER :  online driver’s ed will not help behind the heel and road test . but we do every thing here .


The teenager program starts from 14 to 17 years old.

Alo Driving School will equip you with the fundamental of driving before hit the road. Our rate are competitive with other professional driving school. Alo Driving School is provide an excellent driving car lessons and driving road test as quick as early when students are ready.

Learners Permit & Drive Time Fee

Class will start first Monday of every month. 2 hours of class Monday to Friday between 05 PM TO 7 PM  After successive completion, certificate will be provided in hand, no wait for mail. State of Texas required for teen 14 hours behind the wheel driving and observation to get your driver license. Total Fee $360.00

Class Time

Monday to Friday 5pm – 7pm.


New Class starts every month in first week at Monday. Enrollment must be done before Monday at our office.

Required Documents for Enrollment

Must bring photo ID/Passport or birth certificate.


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